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Président de Grant Alexander

‘At Grant Alexander, we are all committed to the businesses and leaders we serve. All of us are driven by the same conviction that our role is both economic and social. By helping organisations and their leaders to develop their performance on both fronts, we are humbly taking action to build a future, a society that we fervently hope will be more responsible and sustainable.

This social and ethical approach is part of our DNA and our values. We live it on a daily basis, in our practices but also in our choices of individual and collective commitment.

Our Lucie 26000 certification is very important for the whole group. It gives concrete form and structure to our social, societal and environmental approach and confirms our desire to take concrete action to become more responsible.

Together, let’s commit ourselves with enthusiasm to build tomorrow!’


Henri Vidalinc, President





The company committed itself to a certification process at the end of 2020. It mobilised its internal and external stakeholders in order to work on the principles of action on which to progress. After an on-site audit by RSEVAL, the independent labelling committee composed of CSR experts awarded Grant Alexander the Lucie 26000 label in November 2021!


The Lucie 26000 Label


The Lucie 26000 label is the reference label for CSR in France and is aligned with the international standard for social responsibility (CSR), ISO 26000.

With this label, Grant Alexander is committed to respecting all its stakeholders (clients, employees, suppliers, partners, etc.) in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, and to continuous improvement, which is both structuring and demanding for the entire group, in order to become more responsible.




To lead this strong commitment to CSR and ensure its proper development, the group has appointed Léa Suarez-Baylac, Quality / CSR Manager and DPO. She will lead the 3-year progress plan, covering 50 commitments, around 7 central themes:

  • Responsible governance and transparency
  • Respect for individuals
  • Quality of life at work
  • Protection of the environment
  • Protection of ethical practices
  • Responsible products and services
  • Commitment to the public interest




Our CSR process is core to our company project and our team has been making a concerted effort for several years now, through various initiatives targeting the different social, environmental and ethical aspects. 




We are active members of Syntec Conseil‘s Recruitment, Coaching and Outplacement, SD/CSR and Promotion and Communication Divisions, with regard to gender equality, in order to help our businesses and practices evolve.

All our consultants have signed Syntec Conseil’s Responsible Recruitment Charter.




To involve our external stakeholders, suppliers and service providers, we have drawn up a Responsible Purchasing Charter, in order to foster a framework of mutual trust that will allow us, collectively, to participate in a process of advancement and continuous improvement.


François Humblot, founder of Grant Alexander, also participated in the working group on relational quality within France Qualité. In 2020, he also contributed to the association’s white paper on ‘onboarding’.








Since 2020, we have been partners of the Professional Women’s Network (PWN), an international movement for female senior management and leaders working towards gender equality.






Lastly, we have been partners of an HR think tank – the Cercle du Leadership – since 2015. Providing leaders of large companies with a prime platform for sharing and collective reflection, its vocation is to promote a humanistic vision and innovative actions in terms of leadership.







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Grant Alexander has been involved in Opération Coup de Pouce (‘Operation Helping Hand’) since it first began. Over the course of one week each year, the scheme, run by the recruitment committee at Syntec Conseil, puts senior managers looking for work in touch with headhunting consultants, in order to motivate them and help them in their repositioning. An operation that is highly approved by the consultants who are happy to give up some of their time for this great civic effort.

Grant Alexander partenaire Syntec Consiel Opération coup de pouce 7 au 11 décembre 2020





Charitable patronage

Since 2019, we have been supporting the endowment fund La Maison des Bien Aimés, which is engaged in the fight against sickle cell anaemia in Togo, by participating in efforts on the ground and in campaigns in France to raise awareness about this disease.





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Here at Grant Alexander, we have been fine-tuning our practices and customs in order to take our own approach to the environmental question and foster sustainable development. Initiatives have been undertaken not only at our offices in Paris but also at our regional offices, most notably in Lyon, with the implementation of recycling and revalorisation of our waste by Elise through a scheme to recycle and reuse our waste. 

This has been implemented in Paris in partnership with LemonTri



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For any communication or ethical, social or environmental alert, you can contact us at the following address: