As part of our CSR approach, we are changing our practices and customs in order to act, at our level, on the environmental dimension, in favour of sustainable development.

We are implementing actions in our Paris offices and in the regions where we are located.




In Paris

In 2020, we decided to move towards more sustainable consumption by reducing our waste and reusing it.

The Joyeux Recycleurs collect our kilos of waste (paper, cups, etc.) and transform them. For the coffee, we have chosen a more ecological and waste-free consumption: we have chosen a coffee bean machine. The coffee grounds are collected, along with other waste, and recycled as fertiliser, which is easily reused as compost or as a fertiliser base.

We also participate in the social project of the Joyeux Recycleurs, since for every kilo of waste donated, 5 cents are donated to the Ares Atelier association (Paris 18th) which works for the professional integration of people who are far from employment.




In Lyon

In the region, in our Lyon offices, we decided to call on a local waste recycling company: Elise.

As in Paris, the company recycles our waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, coffee grounds, etc.) and thus actively participates in protecting the environment. It also has a social vocation, since it employs mainly people with disabilities or people with integration difficulties. It has also developed a comprehensive training and support programme aimed at enhancing the skills of its employees.

The Lucie 26000 certification process (according to the ISO 26000 reference system – Lucie agency) that we have initiated will also enable us to identify the areas for progress and the actions to be implemented over the next three years to further reduce our environmental impact.