Equilibrium is the profoundest tendency of all humain activity.

                                                                               Jean Piaget


What impact is the lockdown having on recruitment for businesses, candidates and recruiters ?

Edouard Normand, who heads up our digital practice, has had the experience of recruiting for two structures whose recruitment processes started during the lockdown period. He gives us his point of view as a recruiter and also cites the views of Etienne de Verdelhan, CEO of Airfree, who entrusted him with the recruitment of their […]

Expert's View

Executive search in 2020: a full employment or a deceptive market?

François Humblot, fondator of our cabinet 30 years ago and Director Associate of Grant Alexander, give us his vision of the market of recruitement of executives over the last few years and his outlook.   The executive search market is booming, and has been breaking records every year since 2016. But it is a cyclical […]

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