Equilibrium is the profoundest tendency of all humain activity.

                                                                               Jean Piaget


No, team-building is not (always) team bullshit! – Anne-Laure Pams, Director Grant Alexander – Leadership Development for FocusRH

  Team-building is under attack! There is a proliferation of articles casting doubt on the concept. A study conducted by two teachers/researchers has set things alight. The participants interviewed, young graduates of the prestigious universities, described moments that were judged to be in turn absurd, grotesque, uncomfortable and even humiliating. Employees felt manipulated and infantilised […]


Underemployment of seniors… we’re all responsible! – Alban Azzopardi, Chief Executive Officer? Grant Alexander – Executive Interim

Between the highly sensitive issue of pay and that of generational breakdown, Alban Azzopardi looks at the reasons why older French people find it so difficult to find work or stay in work. ion. While the employment rate of 55-64 year-olds in France has risen significantly to 57%, it still lags behind the European average […]