Equilibrium is the profoundest tendency of all humain activity.

                                                                               Jean Piaget


Artificial intelligence: forging new professions for agile governance – Stéphane Decaudin, Director of Practice Technologies, Grant Alexander – Executive Search

With whispers of Chat-GPT 5 just around the corner, generative AI continues to surprise with its many promises. For the time being, however, it is raising questions for CIOs, who are seeing some of their prerogatives slipping out of their hands, or even slipping away. To preserve strong integrity in corporate governance and anticipate the […]


Leadership : real lessons to be learnt from athetes ! – Anne- Laure Pams, Director Grant Alexander Leadership Development for FocusRH

Paris Olympics Games perspective and the Roger Federer’s stirring speech, at the Dartmouth College graduation ceremony a few days ago, have prompted us to look again at the analogy between business leaders and top-class sportmen and women, and to ask ourselves a question that is no longer open to debate : would bosses and leaders […]