Athlete Minded


Our business practice is guided by a state of mind: Athlete Minded.

At Grant Alexander, we encourage everyone to think as an athlete and it is a mindset we aim to share with our clients and candidates.

Thinking as an athlete means approaching competence differently, taking on-board the mental aspects that help optimize performance.


Athlete Thinking®


“Athlete Thinking® is not about competition at any price. It is a state of mind that lets you see life as a series of milestones on the road to personal achievement, excellence and fulfilment.”

A manager’s success and fulfilment depends not only on his professional abilities but also on his behaviour and capacity to adapt to the company, its specific environment, its culture and its goals.

To measure true potential, we believe a candidate should be assessed using a 3D evaluation system that takes in their business know-how, personality traits and mental capacities.

The last item on that list is what we call Athlete Thinking®.

It is part of our genetic make-up and we share its benefits with our clients through our Athlete Thinking® proprietary methodology. It analyses the mental capacities that optimize managerial performance, measures them via a questionnaire and then develops them.

Our approach helps business leaders and managers develop their full potential by replicating a top-flight athlete’s mental faculties in the realm of business, with an eye to long-term success.