In order to accelerate the transformation of our organisation and divisions through combining innovative digital technology and customised human support, Grant Alexander is launching a new business in June 2021: HR and Organisation Transformation, headed by Bruno Chaintron, and is acquiring his company Role Crafting.

The group will thus consolidate its HR know-how and bolster its range of services to support companies in all their organisational transformation, recruitment and skills development issues.

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Accelerating protean transformations

HR and Organisation transformation Grant Alexander Bruno Chaintron


Reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions, change management, digital transformation, reinvention of roles and professions, CSR, team morale…

In order to evolve in an environment that’s more complex and uncertain than ever, a company must adapt and reinvent itself, and quickly!


These are protean transformations, which multiplying, accelerate and follow one another, which can run the risk of creating “change fatigue” within organisations and teams.



The same problem


Very often, the same observations arise: while the objectives are clear for the company, employees have difficulty understanding what they have to gain personally… As a result, there are irritants that can slow down or even threaten the transformation.


How, in such contexts of major change for the company, can we quickly succeed in motivating and engaging teams and getting all stakeholders signed up to a shared vision and action plan?



Our solutions


We offer innovative and customised solutions to support and accelerate transformation, offering everyone a meaningful role.

  • New collaborative methods to bring collective and the individual needs into alignment
  • Innovative digital tools to quickly engage employees in transformation
  • The support of experienced consultants and coaches, with solid experience as operational leaders

Our complete suite of digital tools to accelerate and manage transformation


Discover in two minutes our digital transformation management platform tailored to your issues and objectives:


  • Role Scanner


With the acquisition in 2021 of Role Crafting (founded by Bruno Chaintron), the Grant Alexander Group will have an innovative tool at its disposal.


Role Scanner allows you to scan 100% of the organisation in-depth, to listen to the voice of employees, clients and partners, and to analyse hot spots and irritants. A diagnosis of the existing situation can be carried out in less than a month, whatever the size of the company.

The tool then makes it possible to identify action levers, priorities and risks, to feed back action proposals from the field, and to align the teams in a lively and visual way on a diagnosis and shared action priorities.

Finally, it also enables the progress of the transformation to be measured over time. 





  • Role Crafting


In addition, the visual and lively Role Crafting tool helps to optimise and reinvent roles.

It enables us to analyse them in depth, mission by mission, activity by activity, to identify past achievements, to pinpoint the skills and motivations of employees and to build scenarios for enriching roles within the company.

It also enables each employee to analyse their role, to identify their drivers and to build a role that will make sense for them within the transformation.

Finally, it offers an opportunity to renew a business, to arbitrate between different scenarios of roles and responsibilities, and to set in motion a dynamic of continuous and sustainable improvement within the company.

Our expertise in the analysis and design of HR strategies and systems benefits every area of our business, helping us to remain constantly alert to our clients’ many challenges.


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Bruno Chaintron, Director of the HR and Organisation Transformation practice