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Grant Alexander group launches new “Organisational Transformation & Human Resources” initiative

In its role as a key partner to organisations and leaders seeking to improve their performance, the Grant Alexander HR services group is launching a new Organisational Transformation & Human Resources initiative. The aim is to help organisations and businesses work towards more rapid change through a combination of innovative digital technology and bespoke human support.



Henri Vidalinc, President of Grant Alexander, has entrusted the management of this new scheme to Bruno Chaintron, whose company Role Crafting, founded nearly 11 years ago, has become part of the Group.




In a year that has been unprecedented for companies, and in which the challenge of mobilising teams to ‘build back better’ remains daunting, Grant Alexander has decided to consolidate its HR expertise to create a new initiative dedicated to organisational transformation. Headed by Bruno CHAINTRON, a strategy expert who specialises in helping companies and executives bring about change, this new business offers a smooth, collaborative approach and radically new digital tools to transform the organisation and develop roles and talents.


With objectives focused on improved performance and agility, clearer, more legible and more committed organisations, and new practices designed to contribute to greater employee well-being, centred on customers and employees, Bruno Chaintron’s team relies on the proven methodologies and powerful and ergonomic digital tools developed by Role Crafting.




With the acquisition of Role Crafting, the company created by Bruno Chaintron, the Grant Alexander Group relies on an innovative tool called “Role Scanner”, which creates a rapid and in-depth 100% scan of the organisation, taking into account the views of employees, customers and partners, to analyse hot spots and sticking points. A diagnosis of the status quo that takes less than a month, regardless of the size of the company!


Second, the tool enables you to identify action levers, priorities and risks, the obtain feedback on action proposals from the field, and align your teams in a lively and visual way around a diagnosis and shared action priorities. Finally, the Role Scanner also enables you to measure the progress of change over time. 


In addition, “Role Crafting” helps you to optimise and reinvent roles, analysing them in depth, mission by mission, activity by activity, as well as identify past achievements, plus the skills and motivations of employees, and finally to build scenarios which enrich the roles within your company. It can also be used to renew jobs, arbitrate between different scenarios of roles and responsibilities, and initiate a dynamic of continuous and sustainable improvement.


“This new solution is unique, complete, modular, lively, and intuitive, and provides rapid and concrete benefits, and has achieved strong positive impact on the organizations and teams where it has already been implemented,” said Henri Vidalinc, President of Grant Alexander. “With the integration of this new dimension into our service offering, our group is consolidating its position, thinking outside the box and supporting companies with their organisational transformation, recruitment and skills development issue, helping them build an exciting future.” 


1 The major French groups that have implemented the solution posted a 93% employee satisfaction rate




For 30 years, Grant Alexander has been a partner in the performance of organisations and their leaders, providing comprehensive and tailor-made support for all their competency management and development needs. A multi-specialist HR services group with four main activities (Executive Search, Executive Interim, Leadership Development, HR and Organisation Transformation), it operates in all sectors, across all roles (managers / experts / rare profiles), all over the world, via several offices in France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse), an Africa office in Abidjan, and a network of first-rate international partners. As a socially committed company, Grant Alexander is in the process of obtaining Lucie 26000 certification.