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Knowing each other better, to better connect with each other



Grégoire Beaurain is a financial practice consultant and a coach. He animates trainings on social networks and in business schools. He gives his expert view on how meeting and knowing the other is important in the recruitment process.



Grant Alexander claims that partners’ relationship, should they be clients or candidates, is key to a successful recruitment. How does that translate in practice?

We believe that recruitment’s relevance can only be validated on an intuitu personae basis. A deep knowledge of our clients and of our candidates is crucial. It can bring a different understanding of a job description, of a candidate’s skills, of his human qualities, or of his resources in terms of leadership…

We pay a great attention to the candidate interview and also to its preparation process. We build a rich relationship with the different stakeholders in order to understand clearly what will or will not create the alchemy. To know each other better enables to better connect with each other.

So you position yourselves as partners, even with the candidates?

Yes. We are the partners of the candidates, in their success as in their failures. We try to make them feel comfortable in order to discover their true faces. The more we are transparent with each other, and the more our listening is true, the more our added value as consultants will be important. A candidate who feels confident becomes better interview after interview. We take time to coach them at every step of the recruitment process. And we offer a personal development tool to our clients for them to optimize the integration.

How do you develop this special relationship with your clients? 

We try to live shared emotions in order to drop the mask. We have lunch together or go to sporting event. Clients are highly sensitive to these moments of friendliness. They provide us with precious and useful information to fine-tune our consultant approach. Clients’ proximity is key: the more the consultant knows his client, the less the risk of mistakes. If the consultant understands better the company’s values, he will be smarter in finding the candidate who shares the same values. We also noticed that when a candidate feels that the consultant perfectly knows the client’s case, he offers an optimal profile during the interview.


Author : Grégoire Beaurain – September 2016