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Anne-Marie Deblonde

A graduate from Paris-Dauphine University with an MBA in Human Resources, Anne-Marie Deblonde spent a large part of her career – after starting out on an academic path in social sciences and communication – as a consultant for several executive search firms in Paris. In 2016, she joined Grant Alexander, where she works with a large portfolio of organizations, from start-ups to major international groups. Anne-Marie Deblonde is fascinated by environments exposed to the profound disruptions that generate new professions (digital transformation, omni-channel, data science, etc). She often runs training courses in schools (workshops on job search, identity and online presence), for local development actors (the impacts and challenges of digital development for employment and jobs).



  • Executive Search
  • Organization’s Advisor on Emerging Professions



  • Consultancy
  • Media (Press and Publishing)
  • Data science 
  • B2C and B2B Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Corporate Services